Screams from the Past - Forbidden Horror Comics from the 1950s

Screams from the Past - Forbidden Horror Comics from the 1950s

Screams from the Past – Forbidden Horror Comics, an anthology of remastered horror comics from the 1950s is coming to Kickstarter this July 1st from horror comics publisher Grimmcore Studios. This first issue will feature public domain horror comics that were originally published in the 1950s, remastered using modern digital technology and presented to a new audience.

Daniel Grimm, CEO of Grimmcore Studios, is the curator and editor of this new series. He partnered with artist Alejandro Samada to remaster several comics in the public domain that were cancelled after the Fredric Wertham controversy of 1954 that moved millions of Americans to believe that comic books were increasing rates of violence and criminal activity among young readers. Screams from the Past – Forbidden Horror Comics #1 will feature art from legendary creators whose work appeared on EC Comics, Marvel, DC, and many more iconic publishers.

“We want to celebrate the tremendous legacy of these original horror creators while also bringing their comics to a new level of quality that hasn’t been seen since they were first published back in the fifties,” said Daniel Grimm. “We wanted to bring back these forbidden horror comics that inspired great masters of the genre like Stephen King, John Carpenter, and many more to the public. We’ve spent most of the last year researching hundreds of these comics in the public domain to pick the absolute best, and we’re planning to remaster them and release them through Kickstarter in this new series. We’re very excited to bring these classic comics back for everybody to enjoy!”

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